The industrial boilers are equipment which is being used to manufacture stream with the application of heat energy to water. Old stream generators are commonly termed as industrial boilers and these generators worked at medium and low pressure. These boilers are used whenever stream is required. These contain high temperature combustion fuel fitted in combustion gas chamber. With the hot gas in the fire tube which results in saturated stream.

In the oil fired boiler, sometimes the saturated stream over heated and it return to the top of the boiler, and the huge dry stream heated to overheated stream. Mechanical work involved in superheated stream, production of turbine and stream engine block. Fed through the industrial chimneys can be used to improve efficiency by preheating the water in the boiler.

Fire tube boilers exhaust many applications, especially in the ocean with the help of tall chimney. In most of the stream locomotive machines an excess draft guidance chimney is fitted in order to exhaust gas from the cylinder by blast pipe which provides a partial vacuum. Modern industrial boilers are fitted with a fan in order to compensate the force created by the boiler.

Another important progress modified in these boilers is a tiny caliber fire tubes, rather than using multi tube things. This increases the heat transfer region for the production of more streams. This effective development is used in cars and bikes in order to reduce the same induced force.
Types of various industrial boilers

Industrial boilers are classified in two main categories:
•    Fire tube Boilers: In fire tube boilers, water are filled in a boiler barrel with a little amount is left in order to accommodate the stream. These types of boilers are used in stream locomotives. The source from where the heat is applied is kept inside the furnace which is permanently surrounded by water just to maintain the appropriate temperature level. The furnace is placed at one end of the boiler which increases the path which is to be traveled by hot gas, and to make the gas stronger and effective the gas traveled the same path but in opposite direction with a help of a second parallel fire tube. In locomotive type boilers, the boiler barrel is extended and this hot gas is being passed through multiple fire tube which is being kept inside the barrel that leads to the heating of the surface and also very effective in improving heat transfer. Fire tube boilers generally use solid fuels and are highly adaptable to liquid and gaseous fuel.

•    Water tube boiler: This is another type of industrial boilers which is being used significantly. In these boilers, water tubes are placed inside the furnace in many different configurations. Sometimes the water tube is being attached with large drums, the lower region contain water while the upper region contain stream. Water is being circulated with the help of a pump through coils. These boilers give high stream production but the storage capacity is quite less than fire tube boilers. Both these boilers are used to manufacture an industrial boiler.


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