Most of the people are very much familiar with the term boiler and they know that boiler is some device which is used to heat water. Boilers are even used in homes to heat water for cooking, bathing and drinking purposes. In industrial sectors also the basic concepts of boilers are the same just there are a few differences. The industrial boilers are used to generate steam by heating the water and then that steam is used to drive the turbines and the entire process generates electricity.

The electricity generated is used to run the steam engines, automotive and the air-conditioned systems. The industrial boilers are generally large tubes made of steel and are sometimes used to generate warm waters for the entire building. These boilers generally have the look of intricate machines but are very expensive and most of the companies require them.

The issues with industrial boiler
Industrial boilers can be cause of air pollution and that is why they must be properly used keeping in mind protecting the Earth from pollution. There is new act MACT (Maximum Available Control Technology) which is being proposed by the US Environment Protection Agency and it consist of some rules about the boilers. This rule aims at reducing the emission of the harmful elements from the boilers. And this rule is very much important in keeping the environment clean and green. Boilers can never be eliminated totally because of their usefulness and that is in present days more eco friendly boilers are being used. The Boiler economiser is very much useful in storing the wasted heat that is being generated from the stock gas. This results in fuel savings which is very much important.

Some basic facts about the boilers used in industries
The industrial boilers are used in almost all sectors such as food, pharmaceuticals, mining and chemical. The companies have to consider several factors such as the price as well as the units before purchasing a boiler. These boilers generally run all the time and that is why the most efficient one must be chosen. The boilers need a source of fuel such as propane, natural gas, hot water, electricity, coal and charcoal. The boilers are designed in such a way that they are in an environment where the pressure is more than atmospheric pressure. The type of steel used in the industrial boilers is such that they can withstand high pressure as well as have high durability. The thickness and the width of the plate used to make the boiler tube vary as per necessity.

The major categories of boilers used in industries  
There are basically two types of boilers which are used in industries and the types are fire tube boiler and water tube boiler. The two types of boilers can be differentiated in a simple way. In the fire tube boiler hot gas is used to channel through the cylinders but in water tube boilers hot water is used to channel through the cylinders. Both the type of industrial boilers is very much useful and in most industrial sectors they are used.


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