A boiler is basically a device used for heating water and can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. Their use in homes is only limited to heating water for cooking, drinking and bathing but in industries their uses are huge. The industrial boilers are majorly used to generate steam by heating water and then the steam is used for driving the turbine and generates electricity. Boiler fined their use in many mechanical industries and the electricity generated is used in the ships, cars and the air conditioning systems.

The visual structure of these boilers is in the form of huge steel tubes. These boilers serve variety of purposes in the industries but before buying a boiler the industry must have complete knowledge about the boiler. But keeping knowledge about the boiler one can make proper use of the money that would be spend in buying the boiler. Internet is the best place to get information about the boilers and one can also check the specifications of a boiler. Boilers are basically divided into fire tube boilers and the water tube boilers which differ by only some few points. The industrial boilers must be used very efficiently in order explore all its features.

The uses of the industrial boilers
The industrial boilers are the closed vessels where water or some other fluid is heated and the temperature range varies as per requirement. They generally require a fuel source and are used to heat water and generate steam. These boilers are generally used for humidification and industrial heating purposes. These boilers are used in atmosphere which is higher than the atmospheric pressure. The type of boiler varies as per the necessity in the industries. Their size also varies as per requirement.

The MACT rule for boilers used in industries
The Environment Protection Agency is working on a new rule for the industrial boilers which have lay down some rule on the emission from the boilers. The MACT rule will force the industries to increase the standard of their boilers such that they will cause less air pollution. Even many new eco friendly boilers are also being introduced which restricts the emission of the harmful elements.

The type of steel used in boilers
Steel is considered as the best material for making the boilers because of its durability and workability. As these boilers are used in in environment where pressure is much higher than atmospheric pressure and that is why the quality of steel was very much essential. The steel must be able to withstand the internal pressure of the boiler. There are basically two standards of the steel and that is ASTM and ASME and these are used in the global basis. The major grades of the steel are ASTM A516 Grade 60, ASTM A516 Grade 65, ASTM Sa516 Grade 60 and ASME SA516 Grade 65. The steel plates used in the industrial boilers come in various thickness and width and the steel is tested well before using them in the manufacturing of boilers. Steel can also withstand the high temperature inside the boiler.


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